IMPORTANT! Please read in FULL:

For SAFETY Air Cargo Safety Regulations do not allow the following goods & are strictly prohibited on air cargo:

Do not buy or send any HAZARDOUS materials such as FLAMMABLES, perfumes, varnish remover, hair spray & aftershaves, or any form of batteries or motor oils. Strictly no nicotine no alcohol no acids no weapons no compressed air & no prescription medication. Please ensure that your items arrive in good condition, well packaged & fit for international transport.

The air safety regulators can impose heavy fines on prohibited items. If in any doubt kindly contact us first before placing your order. Thank you.

We charge volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is higher. The formula is width X length X height divided by 6000 gives you volumetric weight. If in any doubt, please contact us first before ordering.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before using our services.

Our UK address:

KeBay “Insert your name here”
Unit 1602 KeBay-HWC
145-147 Boston Road
W7 3SA (post code)
United Kingdom

Telephone 02036672584

Please ensure that KeBay-HWC is clearly & visibly written on the package. Once you have finished making your purchase kindly send us a screenshot of the order so that we can track your item from London to Nairobi.


Shipping from UK to Nairobi Kenya

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The KeBay Shipping Team
0702363346 / 0789656410

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We are happy to announce that we're also shipping via sea from UK to Nairobi, Kenya.
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