IMPORTANT! Please read in FULL:

All purchases shipped by air are subject to IATA laws and regulations. Any shipment of packages with a total worth more than 20,000 Kes will need its own private insurance which is at the discretion of the customer. Inquire within for advice BEFORE shipping any valuables.

We reserve the right to decline shipping valuable uninsured goods.

By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions.

The following common goods cannot be shipped by air per IATA & Local Laws
* Colognes & perfumes
* Nail polish/lacquer and remover
* All flammable liquids, gases, and solids
* Some types of batteries
* Toxic liquids & solids.
* All compressed air or liquids
* All flying drones & toys
* All firearm related items
* All military & police items
* Tasers, pepper spray, and camouflage wear
* Alcohol, Tobacco & drugs including cigars & e-cigarettes
* Seeds, unprocessed animal products & plants
*Perishable foods.

The above list is to ensure the safety of the aircrew & handlers.

KeBay Shipping is not responsible for verifying what you purchased matches the description. All items purchased are subject to local laws and regulations. By law, we open and verify goods shipped are in compliance with local and international laws. KeBay Shipping reserves the right not to ship a package at its own discretion.

Repackaging and consolidation is an extra perk offered by KeBay Shipping to air shipping customers. KeBay Shipping is not obligated to do repackaging and consolidation.

We will notify you via phone call, email, text, or all three. After 7 days in the Nairobi warehouse, storage charges start at 2000 Kes per cubic meter per day.

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We are happy to announce that we're also shipping via sea from UK to Nairobi, Kenya.
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