Delivery fees from the UK are all inclusive of air freight fees, forex fees, insurance** & import charges.

From the UK is 1450 Ksh/Kg all inclusive it’s all you pay.

Our minimum charge is one kilo.
Special offer until the end of this month is half a kilo at 725 Ksh/Kg.

** All goods that were purchased AND shipped through KeBay are automatically fully insured.

If WE BUY & SEND the following fees will apply for UK & US purchases (includes all FOREX, Bank and KRA fees).

0 UKP to 99 UKP our fee is 30% plus add shipping at Ksh 1450 per kilo. For example, an item costing 40 UKP on eBay will cost Ksh 850 plus shipping at Ksh 1450 per kilo
100 UKP to 499 UKP our fee is 20% plus add shipping
500 UKP to 999 UKP our fee is 15% plus shipping
1000 UKP to 1999 UKP our fee is 10% plus shipping
2000 UKP upwards our fee is 7.5% plus shipping.

We weigh all your items on our digital scales in Nairobi and charge accordingly. We don’t round up, but we do charge a minimum of 1 kilo. Please CALL  +254 702 363 346 or send us an email ( if you need further clarification.

Thank you
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